Learn Web3 development the right way

Skip endless hours of YouTube tutorials and online courses that only scratch the surface. Fast-forward to what really matters and kickstart your Web3 career with professional coaching.

Do you recognize yourself here?

  • You want to join the Web3 movement but aren't sure where to start.

  • You watched a bunch of YouTube tutorials but quickly got stuck because the material in the videos was already outdated — and there was no one to help you out.

  • You bought a couple of online courses but had to give up after a few days because working through them alone was just way too dull.

  • You're frustrated because all tutorials you find online only cover one specific aspect of Web3 development but don't teach you how to build professional full-stack blockchain applications.

Feel the same?

Let's change that!

The right way to learn Web3: professional coaching!

Hey there! My name is Marco. I help developers break into Web3 so that they can finally build the career they always wanted.

Most developers try to learn Web3 by dragging themselves through blog posts and endless hours of YouTube videos.

This approach is acceptable if you're just interested in learning the basics. Still, chances are it won't turn you into a professional.

I'm convinced that the best way to learn Web3 development is to have an in-depth coaching program and a skilled mentor to support you along the way.

And this is exactly what I'm offering in the Web3 Developer Academy!

Our approach

1. Discovery call

Before we can start working together, you and I kick it off with a free 1-on-1 video call. To be able to give you an outstanding learning experience, I need to learn more about you! The discovery call gives you enough time to tell me about your needs. This way, we can see if the Web3 Developer Academy is right for you.

2. Personal guidance and mentoring

Once you join the coaching program, we will work together on milestones, goals, and your detailed learning strategy in a personal kick-off workshop. During our collaboration, all your questions will be answered by me personally. 

3. Community

Learning Web3 development can be lonely. This is why I connect all of my clients to each other. This creates amazing collaborations and strong support from a global community of top-notch developers.

4. Exceptional learning experience

To succeed on your Web3 journey, getting access to your learning materials needs to be a breeze. This is why I created a dedicated app for my members. The app allows you to easily access all coding lessons anywhere in the world on both mobile and the web. Learn when and where it suits you best.

5. Troubleshooting and support

One thing that most online tutorials lack is dedicated troubleshooting. Especially if you are new to Web3, this can be super frustrating. Let's face it: developing blockchain applications is hard and requires multiple tools and dependencies. This can quickly get you stuck if just one little thing is misconfigured. To save you from these headaches, you can reach out to me and other members 24/7 via posts and DMs. In addition, you get access to multiple Q&A live sessions per week so that we can address all your questions in detail.

6. Kickstart your Web3 career

Once you can build professional full-stack blockchain applications, it's time to test your skills in the wild. I will connect you with Web3 projects, entrepreneurs, and businesses around the world to help you build the career you have always dreamed of. However, if you already love your current position and don't want to change jobs, that's fine too! In that case, I will assist you in finding ideas on how to put your newly acquired skills to practice in your current job so that you can bring even more value to your company.

Your skills and achievements after our collaboration

  • In-depth knowledge about decentralized applications and blockchain technology.

  • A real-world Web3 portfolio project that will impress your colleagues, business partners, and potential employers.

  • An invaluable network of talented Web3 developers from around the world.

  • Mastery of the most modern Web3 tools and development frameworks.

What my students say

"I am pretty sure I would have given up my Web3 journey without Marco's coaching program."

When I started, I knew nothing about Web3 or protocols like Ethereum, IOTA, etc. I didn't even know where to start. During the classes, I loved the way I could ask big-picture questions, and Marco would always point me in the right direction.

By far, what separates Marco's coaching from everyone else's are the live Q&A sessions. When I think back to all the times I got stuck on something, having Marco available to bounce the problem off was fantastic. I am pretty sure I would have given up my Web3 journey without his Web3 Developer Academy. Fortunately, that didn't happen! We always got everything up and running. It was a lot of fun, and I learned so much. If you want to become a Web3 developer, I highly recommend Marco's service! Anyone trying to learn this stuff on their own will give up.

— Troy Hansen, Arizona, "builder" since 40 years, passionate about IOTA

"I try not to think about how much time I would have lost without the coaching program."

The lack of good documentation on the internet is an endless headache. The most frustrating part is knowing which seemingly helpful but misleading Youtube videos, tutorials, and blog posts can be confidently ruled out.

After Marco's coaching, I've been able to spot what not to do so much faster. I try not to think about how much time I would have lost without the Web3 Developer Academy. Besides the time saved and overall clarity, the coaching's emphasis on test-driven development in a way that is plain spoken, matter of fact, and actually makes sense really helps me know I am structuring my code and projects the right way.

— Ella Lee, New York, Computer Science student, Web3 enthusiast

Become a professional Web3 developer

Request your free discovery call today so we can discuss your personal needs and determine whether the Web3 Developer Academy is right for you.